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Were you a customer who enjoyed a quality service experience?

Perhaps you are looking for a new career or change in direction, or financial freedom and a great life?

Take a look below at why you should become an Optic-Kleer ® License.

…why you should become an
Optic-Kleer Licensee?
  1. Specialist training

    We train you technically to be the best with our certified training program.
  2. Tools & Equipment

    We provide state of the art tooling and equipment and fantastic branding.
  3. Professional kit

    We kit you in our ultra-professional uniforms.
  4. Unique location

    We establish an exclusive operating area for you.
  5. Marketing & support

    We provide marketing training and ongoing support.
  6. Get you up & running

    We help you negotiate the setting up of direct insurance billing.
  7. Accounts set up

    We provide CPA support for your accounting.
  8. Online presence

    We build you your own Optic‑Kleer® website.
  9. First step to success

    We help you to build a successful business.
  10. Industry leader

    We teach you the skills to be very successful in this brilliant and very lucrative industry.
  11. Come and join us!

    Limited Optic-Kleer® licenses are being made available from May 2020.

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Why Optic-Kleer?

There are so many reasons…

We have fine-tuned a successful business meaning you don’t have to as a Licensee, Optic-Kleer have been there, done it, and figured out a way to do it better. It’s taken us over 30 years but now the branding is great and unmistakeable. The tooling is all cutting-edge and our marketing is outstanding. We teach you in a way that will ensure you really do learn and enjoy learning. By the time you leave our training facility, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running. You will be one of the Optic-Kleer family and we realize our success is dependent on you succeeding, meaning we are there for you..

A day in the life…

Be prepared to be busy

Our Licensees dictate the hours and days they work. Optic-Kleer ® give you the freedom to write your own schedule be it full time or part time.

A typical day begins with…

A visit to the glass wholesalers to pick up the glass for the day’s work. We’ll help you establish accounts with the wholesalers. A visit to your company accounts followed by a mixure of windshield replacements, repairs, headlight restorations and courtesy calls to your local insurance companies and fleet managers ensure the work keeps flowing in. As the day ends, a bit of clean up and preparation for the next day’s work.

Satisfaction guaranteed

The breakdown of customers from retail customers to fleet, to bodyshops, to insurance generated business is wide and varied. Such is the way the business regenerates and the way you can expect to retain customers your business should grow to a level you are comfortable with and even bigger should you wish. And as the sun goes down, the inner warmth and feeling of satisfaction that building your own business, future and freedom brings.

Steps to ownership

All good things start with the first step and that step for you is calling us.

We’d love to talk to you so an initial consultation is arranged and at that time we like to try to get to know each other a bit. If you like what you hear and we do likewise then we’ll ask you to fill in a questionnaire which will assist in creating and securing an exclusive Optic-Kleer ® operating area for you. A second interview is held, where a mutual decision to either proceed or not is taken. Contracts are then issued along with details of your area and training dates are agreed upon. Typically you’ll spend two weeks with us at our Northlake, TX location with a revisit a month later to make sure you are on track.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely not! We train you from scratch even if you have existing Autoglass experience. We train you our way using our tools to ensure you do the job ‘right’. We will expect you to be mechanically minded and have a degree of logical reasoning ability though. It helps when things get technical.

You will need either a van or a truck. We prefer our Licensees to work out of vans for security of tooling and glass as well as the added advertising space (Vehicle wrap) on the side of your vehicle that a van allows.Optic-Kleer® have special lease and finance deals with local dealers however some work out of trucks or towable trailers.

You can, however we feel the greatly reduced overhead of a mobile operation will bring higher profitability and at a faster rate. We also offer Optic-Kleer® Licenses to existing businesses such as car washes, lube shops, tire bays and service centers.

We provide marketing training, literature, social media set up and your own Optic-Kleer® website. We’ll teach you how to sell your services, how to attract customers and how to keep them.

75% of new start businesses fail for a number of reasons, mainly inexperience, no support, no real game plan and bad decisions.  Optic-Kleer Licensees have a very low failure rate because you will be following a proven and tested recipe for success. Our goal is 100% to make you successful and you will never be alone. Our success as a company is in part due to your success as a Franchisee and we don’t ever forget that.

Literally from day one! We recognize that you need to earn. Our training will put you in a strong position to not only earn but to exceed the preset targets we set for you.

Optic-Kleer® Licensees are local business owners and part of the community they serve. As an Optic-Kleer® Franchise, you have the opportunity to meaningfully engage with your community and support local initiatives. The Optic-Kleer® Glass team is also a family of supportive staff and Licensees that share knowledge, experience and best practices.

Owning your Optic-Kleer® business is all about the flexibility to decide what will make your business the most successful. You can start your business as a mobile franchise with yourself as an owner/operator or as a fixed location with multiple mobile vehicles and employees. Optic-Kleer® offer you the flexibility to balance your life and your business successfully.

First things first, it all depends on which package you opt for, size of exclusive area, how many staff at the offset, or are you just planning on being a one-man operation? What we can say is we are significantly lower in price than anyone in our market, offer amazing branding along with a mix of the very best tools that money can buy. You’ll be surprised just how low the entrance price is.

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Limited Optic-Kleer® License positions are being made available outisde of Texas and Oklahoma from June 2021!

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