Get a clear heads start in business!

Get a clear heads start in business!

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Who We Are & What We Do

Optic-Kleer® was formed in 1991 and became a franchise in 2003. We have franchises available across the United States with offices in both the United States and UK where our sister company Optic-Kleer Limited also offers franchises.

Our specialization includes Windshield Repair, Windshield Replacement, Windshield Calibration, as well as Headlight Restoration. Our work is primarily performed on a mobile basis and is carried out at our customer’s location, but may also be carried out at one of our fixed locations.

The Optic-Kleer® License

If your application is approved, you will be equipped, trained, certified and become an independent part of our company. You will carry out all our services in an agreed exclusive area while retaining 91% of your gross revenue. You will be supported by us with a personalized company’s website, social media marketing, tooling, uniform, technical software, insurance support, and advertising allowing you to focus on what’s MOST important – your customers.

Successful applicants will need to possess mechanical skills, have a friendly persona and be very presentable. Lack of experience isn’t a problem as we have a preference to train new techs from scratch in order that they do things the Optic-Kleer® way, with safety in mind. If you come to us with experience, you’ll still be required to complete the Optic-Kleer® certification program to understand company policies and practices as well as to ensure uniformity.

By operating under our brand and trade names, you’ll be benefiting from our goodwill, our experience, our reviews, and our brand recognition. This will make it easier for you to build customer trust, confidence, and ultimately generate substantial sales!

How a License position works

An Optic-Kleer® Franchise provides you with a Franchise position within our company along with a no-cost-to-extend ten-year contract. A Franchise Fee of $74,995 is required for the equipment, tooling, calibration equipment and certified training, uniforms, marketing literature, website, certified training along with flights and hotel for the duration of your course.

You will also need a vehicle or trailer capable of transporting glass to your customer’s location. A van or truck would be acceptable.

The length of our specialist training is two consecutive weeks from Monday to Friday.

It will be conducted at our Northlake, Texas location and on occasion at our customer’s location. Again, your travel and accommodation expenses are included. We want to be sure there are no hidden costs when joining our team!
On the Friday of the second week, graduation ceremonies and presentations will be held. Along with technical training and equipping you with the very best tooling available in the industry today, we will also train you in marketing, software and all things AutoGlass.

Earning Potential at Optic-Kleer®

With the training support and back-up we provide, we anticipate you to generate between $500 and $2000 of business per day, with profit around the 70% mark, depending on the type of services provided. Having said that, you have the freedom to create your own work schedule.

Initially, even our entry level franchisees can bring in $500+ per day with limited work orders. Those who excel will far exceed this estimate. Our higher performing technicians are generating $15,000 in monthly sales within their first month or two on the job and up to $30,000+ fairly quickly depending on area. We want you to get there too!

We know it’s important to start making money right away. Our marketing efforts make sure you’re able to start accepting work immediately after training.

Working with Insurance Companies

Most applicants are curious whether they can carry out auto glass services for insurance companies. The answer is yes! We set you up as a repairer for all the auto insurance companies and you will be paid directly for the work you perform.

What Is Your Next Step?

Apply today! This is a two-way interview process. We want you to be confident in joining our team, just as much as we’re confident in your potential. You likely have a lot of questions, so let’s talk. Our HR team will be in touch if we feel you have the skills to be successful.

Please refer to our FAQ section for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! We train you from scratch even if you have existing Autoglass experience. We train you our way using our tools to ensure you do the job ‘right’. We will expect you to be mechanically minded and have a degree of logical reasoning ability though. It helps when things get technical.

You will need either a van or a truck. We prefer our Licensees to work out of vans for security of tooling and glass as well as the added advertising space (Vehicle wrap) on the side of your vehicle that a van allows.Optic-Kleer® have special lease and finance deals with local dealers however some work out of trucks or towable trailers.

You can, however we feel the greatly reduced overhead of a mobile operation will bring higher profitability and at a faster rate. We also offer Optic-Kleer® Licenses to existing businesses such as car washes, lube shops, tire bays and service centers.

We provide marketing training, literature, social media set up and your own Optic-Kleer® website. We’ll teach you how to sell your services, how to attract customers and how to keep them.

75% of new start businesses fail for a number of reasons, mainly inexperience, no support, no real game plan and bad decisions.  Optic-Kleer Licensees have a very low failure rate because you will be following a proven and tested recipe for success. Our goal is 100% to make you successful and you will never be alone. Our success as a company is in part due to your success as a Franchisee and we don’t ever forget that.

Literally from day one! We recognize that you need to earn. Our training will put you in a strong position to not only earn but to exceed the preset targets we set for you.

Optic-Kleer® Licensees are local business owners and part of the community they serve. As an Optic-Kleer® Franchise, you have the opportunity to meaningfully engage with your community and support local initiatives. The Optic-Kleer® Glass team is also a family of supportive staff and Licensees that share knowledge, experience and best practices.

Owning your Optic-Kleer® business is all about the flexibility to decide what will make your business the most successful. You can start your business as a mobile franchise with yourself as an owner/operator or as a fixed location with multiple mobile vehicles and employees. Optic-Kleer® offer you the flexibility to balance your life and your business successfully.

First things first, it all depends on which package you opt for, size of exclusive area, how many staff at the offset, or are you just planning on being a one-man operation? What we can say is we are significantly lower in price than anyone in our market, offer amazing branding along with a mix of the very best tools that money can buy. You’ll be surprised just how low the entrance price is.