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Headlight Restoration

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Reasons to restore your headlight


The discoloration of your headlights compromises your ability to drive safely at night and during bad weather. Our restoration process is not only a cosmetic upgrade, but also makes an unbelievable difference in visibility.


The cost of replacement varies greatly, with some vehicles headlights costing up to $1200 each. Restoration is a great option for many as it is not only cost-effective, but also quick.


Having your vehicles headlights restored is quick, clean and convenient. No appointment is necessary. Just drive in and our experienced technicians will transform your headlights from yellow and foggy to bright and shiny in around 20 minutes.

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Why Choose Optic-Kleer for your Headlight Restoration


By using our 4-step system, we remove any visible discoloration on the outer lens of the headlight. This leaves the polycarbonate smooth and ready to be recoated.


Deep cleaning the lens prior to coating ensures that it is free of any debris, silicon contaminants or remaining discoloration.

UV Resistant

Unlike the original headlight coating that is used on your headlights, our coating has a UV filter that will greatly prevent the discoloration and oxidation returning and leave your headlights sparkling.


Our high-intensity UV lamps allow for the deep curing of the headlight’s new coating. Once completed, you are ready to hit the road!

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Here at Optic-Kleer we’ve been repairing rock chips on our customer’s windshields since 1991 and have so far repaired over 500,000 of them. We are good at what we do, very good, so expect the very highest quality windshield repair available anywhere in the industry along with a ‘Lifetime guarantee’ on the work.

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Our mobile technicians cover the Keller, Watauga, Roanoke, Alliance and Trophy Club areas with high quality windshield service and materials.

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