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Windshield Repair

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Why repair rather than replace?

Quick! – takes less than 20 mins!

86% of windshields can be repaired

6,251 less tons of glass in landfill since Optic-Kleer® began trading in 1991

Free repairs with most insurers

Reasons to repair your windshield


A small rock chip in your windshield compromises the structural integrity of your vehicle. An Optic-Kleer windshield repair will 100% restore that structural integrity and our windshield repairs are guaranteed for life.


A chipped windshield that can be repaired can quickly become a crack which will require a replacement windshield instead.


Quick, clean, inexpensive (Zero cost with comprehensive insurance, no deductible and effect on your premium). Permanent fix.

Why Choose Optic-Kleer for your Windshield Repair


Our auto glass techs have all undergone full training, are uniformed, insured and certified by the Optic-Kleer and GlasWeld to the highest standard in the industry.

& clean

Optic-Kleer use the very latest cutting edge technology, LED curing, vacuum injection systems to provide a quick, clean and very efficient windshield repair procedure.


Our friendly office staff will take care of all the paperwork while our auto glass techs are carrying out the windshield repair. Expect to be in and out in under 20 minutes.


Repairs can be covered by your insurance company subject to comprehensive cover with zero deductible and no effect on your insurance premium.

Fully mobile

We come to you!

Home or work.

Here at Optic-Kleer we’ve been repairing rock chips on our customer’s windshields since 1991 and have so far repaired over 500,000 of them. We are good at what we do, very good, so expect the very highest quality windshield repair available anywhere in the industry along with a ‘Lifetime guarantee’ on the work.

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Fully Mobile…

We can come to you!

Our mobile technicians cover the Keller, Watauga, Roanoke, Alliance and Trophy Club areas with high quality windshield service and materials.

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